TDI camera principle

The TDI camera principle

As already described, the x-ray TDI camera has 128 lines. Each of these lines is exposed parallel to the object, and the image information is passed to the next line and added. At the end, each scanned line of the acquired image is accumulated by 128 sensor lines, compared to the single linescan camera in which only the image information of one line is read out. The accumulation drastically increases the sensitivity of the sensor

Animation of the x-ray TDI camera principle vs.  linescan camera

The two animations explain the principle of a conventional linescan camera in contrast to the function of the TDI sensor. For a simplified representation, only 8 lines are read out in the TDI animation. In fact, this process is repeated 128 times!

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TDI Kamera Prinzip Einzelzeilenkamere NTB TDI Kameras

Linescan principle

TDI Kamera Prinzip TDI Kamera NTB TDI Kameras

TDI Prinziple