Scattered rays reduction


Scattered rays reduction with x-ray TDI technology from NTB

One x-ray objekt – two image qualities


X-ray image with scattered rays (conventional systems)

Scattered ray in conventional x-ray Systems

In x-ray inspection, some x-rays penetrate the test object, while others are absorbed. A large portion of the absorbed x-ray photons produces new x-ray radiation: The scattered radiation, which strays in all directions. On conventional systems (film, flat panel, CR imaging plate), the scattered radiation superposes a grey fog on the actual x-ray image. This significantly reduces contrast – top left image

9o% reduced scattered ray by TDI Technologie from NTB

X-ray image with reduced scattered rays (TDI linescan system)

Scattered ray reduction with x-ray TDI technology

On systems with NTB TDI camera, a collimator restricts the radiation to the area of the object that is currently scanned. With that, the amount of scattered radiation is reduced by more than 90%. The resulting x-ray image is rich in contrast and a lot sharper – top right image