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NTB – digital x-ray machines for non destructive testing and quality control

Digital X-ray cameras and complete ready to use X-ray systems

NTB was founded in 1995. A highly qualified team of technicians and engineers develops and manufactures digital X-ray cameras for quality control and non-destructive material testing (NDT). Existing conventional X-ray systems can be equipped with these cameras to digital X-ray systems.

In addition, NTB offers its customers complete ready to use digital X-ray systems for applications in industry, art history and medicine. We also develope individual X-ray systems that are precisely matched to the needs and specifications of a particular application. Already in the planning stage of projects, our specialists are standing advisory by our customers. Excellant customer service is as important to us as reliable technology.

NTB`s range of products for non destructive testing, quality control, art and medicine

X-ray cameras and component for nondestructive testing from NTB


X-ray cameras and components. Get more information here …

X-ray cabinet DXC 3000 for non destructive testing and qualitiy control from NTB


The x-ray cabinet DXC 3000 and other x-ray machines. Get more information here …

Art X-ray System from NTB


ART X-RAY, the unique x-ray system for paintings and sculptures. Get more information here …

Masterpix DR, Direct digital X-ray machine


MASTERPIX DR – the  direct digital x-ray system for almost all medical applications. Get more Information here …

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