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• TDI technology
• High resolution: 20 pixel/mm
• 65536 grey levels – 16 bit
• Insensitive to scattered rays

• Radiation sensitive range
from 20 kV to 450 kV
• PC based camera system
• Low operating costs

• No limitation to the length
of the test object
• Up to three cameras on one PC

The digital x-ray TDI camera from NTB

High speed x-ray TDI camera for quality control and non-destructive testing

The x-ray TDI camera is an advancement of NTB`s linescan x-ray cameras. The performance of the TDI camera makes it suitable for applications which require an excellent image quality and high scanning speed at the same time. So it`s appropriate especially for quality control, where objects in a linear movement should be inspected, for example weld inspection or conveyor belt applications.

TDI (Time Delay and Integration) is a special sensor technology: The TDI camera does not have only one single line like standard linescan cameras, but instead it has 128 lines. This technology increases the sensitivity of the sensor drastically. This high sensitivity has several benefits: For standard applications, the TDI camera allows the use of cost-saving low-power x-ray sources instead of expensive high-power x-ray sources. Moreover, the TDI camera can satisfy the demands of high end applications, where standard linescan cameras fail, because they do not reach a sufficient image quality at the given dose and the required scanning speed.

The sensor is protected by a fiber optic against radiation, which guarantees a long lifetime, even at 450 kV. NTB provides his own software, but it`s also possible to integrate the camera system into a third-party software.

Highest inspection performance at reasonable cost!


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Advantages  of the x-ray TDI camera at a glance:

   Up to 100 times  faster than conventional linescan cameras

   Very economic

     No film-, developing- and disposal costs, low-cost archiving

     Immense time savings

   Long lifetime by shielding the electronics against radiation. This is only possible with linescan cameras

   90% reduction of scattered radiation against film, imaging plate or flat panel systems

   High image contrast

   High resolution at low costs

   Very robust design